How I Work

Counselling Room at

28 Hoghton Street

counselling room 1.jpg

I work towards creating and developing a trusting, safe and confidential space for you when you are experiencing difficulties in your life or there is something specific that is bothering you or you are uncertain about.  What we work on is all from what you wish to share and this is led by you at your pace.  It may feel that working beyond whatever you are experiencing feels difficult or pretty impossible right now.  Whilst I cannot give you answers or provide advice, I am here to listen to you and explore with you what is going on for you, seeking to understand your experiences from your perspective with genuineness, acceptance, without judgement.  It can help you towards gaining clarity, listening and understanding yourself more which can lead to being more able to connect with trusting in your own abilities to find your own answers that can offer a way forward for positive change for you.   The relationship I provide with you is for you to use for your own personal growth.