Online Video Counselling

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Online video counselling allows you the opportunity to engage in counselling via webcam video allowing you to decide when and where your counselling takes place.  Your counsellor will make every effort in providing you with a safe and secure environment using encryption software that is secure and protects confidentiality.

How does it work?

Webcam Video Counselling

Webcam video counselling enables you to engage with your counsellor face to face via your computer or electronic device (i.e. smart phone, ipad, tablet). is the software I use for online video counselling.  This software is secure and encrypted requiring no download and no personal details to be submitted.  You simply click on a link provided to you via email which takes you to my virtual waiting room where I initiate your session at the arranged time.  Sessions are for £40 per 1 hour session.  Online video counselling can provide more similar benefits to face to face counselling including hearing and seeing each other and being able to see non-verbal communication i.e. facial expressions with the convenience of choosing when and where you wish your sessions to take place.   However, it is important for you to be located in a place where you feel comfortable and will not be overheard or disturbed to protect your confidentiality.

Benefits of Online Video Counselling 

  • You can engage in counselling at a time and place that suits you.

  • The use of secure inscription software protects confidentiality.

  • Access counselling anonymously without having to be seen entering a counselling practice.

  • Ideally suitable if you feel unable to leave your home.

Things to Consider about Online Video Counselling

  • Do you feel comfortable with using internet technology?

  • Do you have a place that you can use your computer/device privately without interruption or risk of being overheard?

  • Do you feel the issues you wish to work through are too complex to share and explore over webcam?

  • Would you prefer seeing your counsellor face to face in person?

Your Confidentiality

Your online video counselling session takes place through a secure and encrypted software (  As your counsellor, I will be located in a room where I will not be disturbed or overheard to protect your confidentiality.  For this purpose, it is important for you to also be in a setting where you will not be disturbed or overheard.  Using removes the need to download any software on to your computer/device or having to provide any personal details.  More information for accessing will be provided to you if you feel that online video counselling is for you.


Whilst every effort is made in using safe and secure software, it is important for you to be aware using any digital platform cannot guarantee confidentiality 100%. 

If online video counselling is something you are considering but feeling unsure about its suitability for you or have further questions or queries relating to it, please submit your enquiry using the form below.


If you wish to have a chat about your situation and how we may work together via online video, I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation arranged for a mutually suitable time for us to discuss and explore this with you before making a decision. 


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